“Reimaging Human Relations in our Time”

70° anniversario del Tavistock Institute of Human Relations

Si e’ concluso a Londra il Festival che ha celebrato il 70simo anniversario del Tavistock Institute of Human Relations. Si e’ trattao di una serie di eventi che e’ coincisa con l’apertura degli archivi dell’Institute, ospitati e curati dalla Wellcome Library ( Nella lettera di ringraziamento pubblicata sul sito dell’Institute ( Juliet Scott – Direttrice del Festival – e Eliat Aram – CEO dell’Institute – descrivono cosi’ il significato e l’esperienza del Festival:

“We have found a genuine pleasure in crafting our thank you letters this past week as an imaginative and reflective practice that has taken us back through the process of conceptualising and realising the four days of the festival. It has been an extraordinary encounter with the unerring faith, generosity and vision of a very long list of people and organisations, leaders, managers and contributors of the events, without whom it would not have been possible. We can proudly report on the success of co-creating a vision-come-experience as we brought our archives to life. Their release coincided with 70 years of becoming more humane and was an opportunity both to celebrate the past and to deepen our practice in looking forward and transacting with the future. (…)

In temporarily reorganising ourselves in service of the global community we have also re-affirmed the place the Tavistock Institute has in going forward into the next 70 years. We have re-learnt that one of the Institute’s roles, perhaps the most fundamental one, is to work with context, to provide fundamentals upon which threads can be woven, praxis can be theorised and theories can be practiced. We are committed to continue to do that, applying out multi-disciplinarity to contain cycles of development, conscious, hidden and sometimes unconscious, at the inter-personal, inter-group, organisational, communal and societal levels.

In the immediate term, we will be uploading recordings, reports, photographs and other outputs from each event onto the festival website. These will include recordings from the symposium.

For now the Storify of the festival is available at here and tells a good tale of the four days including many of the wonderful events that we don’t have space to cover here.”


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